WELCOME TO THE MEMBERSHIP TAB.  A few helpful hints to get you started – membership application, renewal, contact management and member directory information and support.  Click on the “READ MORE” link at the bottom of each page to access the tab.

  • The Membership Fees and Benefits page describes the price, features and benefits of a membership in the Four Seasons Yacht Club.  We think we have the best boating club and best value for a $150 family membership on the Ohio River, possibly anywhere!
  • Current Members: The Membership Management Central and Directory pages are where current members can renew, manage their information and access the club’s directory.  Members can email one another directly from the directory as well as look up members a variety of different ways.
    • Our Membership Directory is organized by family.  Our directory supports two family contacts – a primary contact and a secondary contact.  The primary contact, most often the Skipper, is in the profile tab  and is the only contact authorized to renew memberships or modify member information in the directory.  Credit card information is not retained in our system.  The secondary contact, most often the First Mate (or Admiral as the case may be…) is in the contact tab and provides another email address that can receive club mailings and participate along side the primary contact in club organizations.  The immediate family is always welcome at club events.
    • Current members – Family information was not organized this way in our previous system, so current members may need to log in under different names/email addresses in order to figure out which family member is primary and which is the secondary contact.  The primary contact can then renew the family memberships, edit the directory information and change the family hierarchy in the membership system.
  • Prospective Members or Applicants:
    • The On-lIne Application is the tool for new members to use to join the club.  We encourage all new and renewing members to use the on-line application.  We appreciate your support in this.  
    • Mail-in application is available for those who do not have access to on-line resources.
  • We have some wonderful and creative culinary aficionados in our club.  Their favorite recipes are captured in the FSYC Cookbook.  You’ll never make fun of a galley cook again.
  • If you have any questions pertaining to the membership process, please email our Membership Chairperson. Roman Malloy –