About FSYC

Four Seasons Yacht Club is a social organization co-located with Four Seasons Marina in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Four Seasons Marina, one of America’s premiere inland waterway marinas, provides boaters with everything they need to enjoy life on the river. Located in a sheltered inland harbor, the marina accommodates over 400 boats of all sizes.

Much of our mission involves organizing  social activities and providing a platform for fellowship and entertainment for our members. Our private clubhouse provides a festive meeting place for members and strives to foster a mutual exchange of ideas and the development of common interests with respect to yachts and yachting.  We gather and disseminate information that our members may desire. We aid and educate members in performing boating activities and encourage membership participation in various yachting association activities, achieved by the club’s affiliation with those associations and to promote boating safety through education. 

By land, FSYC’s address is 4609 Kellogg Ave. Cincinnati,OH 45226.  This is the same address as Four Seasons Marina (FSM). FSM is managed by Towne Properties.  By inland waterway, we are located on the Ohio side of the Ohio River at Four Seasons Marina, mile marker 464.1.  (Latitude N 39 degrees, 05.222 minutes, longitude W 84 degrees, 29.926 minutes)