Raft Ups

Raft Ups

What is a raft up anyway?

A raft up is simply the tying together of a number of boats/yachts to form a raft-like structure, resulting in a social gathering based on said structure.

FSYC raft ups come in many flavors. A typical “day trip” raft up for FSYC members consists of our boats tying up together at a calm/peaceful location on the river somewhere within a few miles of the marina for some fun in the sun.

Some raft ups are overnight, including the popular New Richmond River Days festival .

And some raft ups can go all weekend long, such as the Craig’s Creek raft up at Smugglers Cove.

FSYC members often plan ahead for a raft up to coordinate things like who is tying up together, where the location will be, etc. Others just sort of show up! Just make sure you are somewhat prepared.

Things to Remember

Make sure your radio and/or mobile phone are operating so you can communicate with the boats at the raft up to coordinate tying up and getting assistance with lines and fenders.

Make sure you have a good, working windlass/anchor. At least every other boat should drop an anchor.

Make sure you BYOF – bring your own fenders / buoys. Raft ups can never have enough!

If you drop an anchor in crowded areas such as Riverbend during a concert, you will need to keep an eye on your anchor line, as anchor lines get run over occasionally. Boaters don’t see the anchor lines, it’s dark, and they are not often not paying attention to everything around them.

If you pass a raft up, please slow down to no wake speed. One set of rollers can wreak havoc on a raft up. You’re responsible for your wake at all times.