Membership Management Central

Current members – welcome to the membership management log in page.  Logging-in here provides access to member account management and renewal features.  

Set up – If you are visiting this page for the first time you must first set a password.  Please follow the steps below to figure out the primary account email address.

  • NOTE: often the First Mate manages a family’s club memberships.  This was easier under the old system.  In our new system the primary account name, usually the skipper, the email address and the card holder name must all match.  The skipper’s name is in the primary position only because it was the first name in the old data base … a story that goes back years if not decades… This new method is part of the security system now used by card services companies.
  1. Identify your family’s primary contact by entering the email and requesting a password.  The system will send a password to your email box.  
  2. You can change this password in you account here under the profile tab later. Check the page the system offers you after you log in.
  3. If you are offered renewal options and a full set of contact information, then this email address is the primary contact.  
    • If the information is limited, there is no renewal space and another member name is shown in a red font, then the first email address you used is actually the secondary contact address.  
    • Either keep trying or contact the Membership Chair to get your primary email address.

Account holder capabilities – Only primary account holders can renew memberships or update member and contact information. Secondary contacts can log-in, but will only see their contact information and the primary account holder’s name in a red font.  Secondary contacts, once logged-in can change their password under the contact tab and have access to the member directory, but can not update member information or renew memberships.

Once you have renewed your membership this page will show the primary contact’s information under the About tab and the secondary contact’s information under the Additional tab.  The profile tab will enable you to make some of your information private, add a picture a family or boat description and social links if you’re interested.