Current Members: Membership Management Central and Directory Page

Membership Management Central and the Directory pages are the places for members to manage their account information – renew and update their accounts.  Changes made there will show up on their Member Directory page.  Importantly it’s the place where members add contacts.  And It’s only available to current club members.

A few important points:

  • Primary account holders and contacts:
    • Please pay close attention to the differences between primary account holders and contacts.  New credit card security protocols makes these differences important.  There is key help on the Membership Management Central page.
    • In the old system the primary account holder is most often the Skipper and the contact is the First Mate, or Admiral as the case may be…
    • Only the primary account holder can renew memberships or update account settings.
    • Contacts can sign in and use the member directory, but they will not have access to member updates or credit card renewal capabilities.
    • Contacts will see their limited member information and the primary account holder name will appear in a red font below.  At the bottom of the page they will have “save and continue” or “skip” options.  These will only return the user back to the current screen, “as if” they are caught in an unhelpful loop. This can not be changed. Please click on another tab from the navigational menu to continue navigating the site.
    • Contacts using  the member directory, after logging into the site, should hover over the membership tab, then down to the member portal sub tab and then over to the member directory tab and click there.  This will open the member directory.  Please be patient as the directory takes a few seconds to load.
  • The Membership Directory will not load until after members have logged into the site.
  • If you have any difficulties with renewing your membership or managing your account please text or email Mark Dawes our Communications Chair 513-520-0727,  Changes just take a few short minutes …almost seconds… 🙂

Membership Directory

The Member Directory will not load until after members log into the site.  If you are a current member and your account is current you can log-in here.

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