Richard and Carole Butters’ Grilled Italian Eggplant


1 Large eggplant
1 Package sliced provolone cheese
1 Ripe tomoato sliced
Olive oil
Kosher salt

Peel and slice eggplant in 1/4 inch chives, salt with kosher salt and drain for 1 hour.
Wipe with damp paper towel to remove the salt.
Mix the olive oil and oregano; use enough to coat both sides of the eggplant with a pastry brush.
Grill over a medium heat. Cook until soft, turn halfway through and have grill marks on both sides. In the mean time, grill tomato slices until they are very warm then place the tomato slice on the egg plant; top with the provolone cheese.
Close grill lid and turn off heat. Remove eggplant when the cheese has melted; serve warm.