Blessing of the Fleet

 On a Saturday morning, every year in early June, Yacht Club Members & guests pilot their vessels down river, but up from downtown, as a group to receive the Blessing of the Fleet.  Club Chaplin Dave Petry blesses each vessel via marine radio as it passes by the event host’s boat at anchor. Captain Bill Baehr and Lady Jo Baehr customarily host this event.

 FSYC – Blessing of the Fleet Prayer- 2012:
 “Great God of land, sky and water, hear our prayers.  We have read that your Spirit took thought of creation over the troubled waters of the beginning of all things.  We know that water is part of your story throughout the creation of all our kind.  You have made us so that water is essential to us and to our world.  From it you have drawn us with a word.
From your creative act, we have the gift of water: a gift of life, a gift of cleanliness, a gift of wonder, a gift of mystery.  In the ministries of people of all faiths, in myriad places and times, water has played its part.  Bless, O God, the waters of Earth, even as you have blessed them, causing them to bring forth life, that in this time, they may bring us life and joy, wonder and peace.
Yet, O Holy One, in this year we have seen the terror which your waters can also hold.  We have witnessed their power to destroy and our powerlessness to prevail against them.  We have known fear and loss from these waters.  But now, O God, we see them once more calm, once more at peace, our hearts are relieved, and we give you thanks.
In this time, bless, O Holy One, those who go forth to the waters seeking surcease from travail, seeking peace in conflict, seeking healing and cleansing of spirit.  Bless us that as we go to your waters, we may find a greater sense of your presence in our midst, indeed within our very selves.
Grant safety to those who go to the waters to serve us in trade and commerce and protection, to those to whom is entrusted the care of the waters themselves: may they be under the shelter of your Spirit which is stronger to keep safe than is the water to do harm.
To all who go on these paths, we pray, grant peace and wonder.  God of the seas and skies, of the lands and the rivers, hear our prayers, receive our laughter and our tears, and bless us.  We come to you as your children, for such you have called us, and so you have bidden us to come.  Holy is your Name in all the Earth.  Amen.”