Club Ceremonies


Rename a Boat

Renaming a boat is full of tradition and superstition.  Fear not gentle boater! We’ve captured the proper sayings, spells and incantations to assure that your boat will be aptly renamed and that you will have nothing but fair winds and following seas to greet you. But violate just one precept and all bets are off matey.  Savvy?

Retiring the Flag

The Bonfire should have at least a 15 minute head start so that it is blazing well and has formed a good bed of coals. Use lots of light, split wood to accomplish this.  A single empty chair (Place of Honor) should be placed near the Ceremony Leader – center stage where you would normally seat a distinguished guest or guest of honor.

Blessing of the Fleet

 On a Saturday morning, every year in early June, Yacht Club Members & guests pilot their vessels down river, but up from downtown, as a group to receive the Blessing of the Fleet.  Club Chaplin Dave Petry blesses each vessel via marine radio as it passes by the event host’s boat at anchor. Captain Bill Baehr and Lady Jo Baehr customarily host this event.